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For now.

Orders are limited with pre-orders online only for now. We are working our best to provide you made to order soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Pick up from our location and enjoy your order here at the lobby lounge or the beautiful outdoor picnic area or, of course, your home!

This week’s menu


little box (bento) / little basket

Snacks / Drinks/ Vegetarian 

Sweet potato fries
Taro fries
Fried mushrooms
House salad
Milk tea
Vegetarian bento/ basket

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Your main protein.png
A goodie veggie
Fried goodie.png
milk tea.png

Main course

House salad

Fried goody

Milk tea

Example: Lion Heads Rice Box


Tender pork meatballs braised with white cabbage and creates a rich and fresh broth that goes deliciously well with rice and a sunny side up egg!

Example: Popcorn Chicken Basket


Example: Braised Beef Over Rice Bento


Example: Scallion Pancake Beef Roll Basket

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Location and Hours

1300 E Anderson Ln, Bldg D, Austin, TX 78752

Please come from E Anderson Ln., follow signs of "PREP".

Make a right turn after you passed the gate and go all the way up toward the end of the road.

Find a green building says "PREP" on the right side and that's where we are !

TEL : 512-915-0838

Pick-up Hours

Mon.-Fri. 12:30pm-9:00pm

Sat.-Sun. 11am-3pm